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My boyfriend won't go down on me, but still wants me to blow him



You mean your ex-boyfriend wouldn’t go down on you but still wanted you to blow him, right?


Angel is making me Tabouli :) WIN.

I think i might hire him for the “make Guadalupe Tabouli everyday” job.

Thanks internet lol these are all like the opposite of what i am. 

Thanks internet lol these are all like the opposite of what i am. 

life update

Had the busiest day today. I feel like i’m melting on my bed. luckily the next couple of days are going to be this busy. I’m the happiest when i’m productive and when i feel like good things are coming for me soon. I’ve been schooling, volunteering, exercising, reading, cooking (a lot), gardening, and developing my portfolio dedicated to graphite drawings of children’s faces. I’m starting therapy on Wednesday. Giving it a second round because i have come at peace with the idea that it’s okay to need help and that it’s okay that i can’t do everything by myself. I’m really happy right now. I haven’t felt this amount of hope and love for myself in a long time. 


this truly scared me i thought the legs on the right were some crispy burnt up human legs i need a minute to breathe

laughing so hard at this post right now, omg.

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And it literally sickened me that the hispanic news here in america had a fucking Israel ambassador and state all these lies on their news show. Like, WTF? The guy said Israelis have been terrorized by the Palestinians meanwhile, i’m trying to figure out if there are even any Palestinians left. This is when we need to lend a hand, but we won’t do it because there is no point of interest and that’s the sad reality of America and any other country.

This whole conflict just pisses me off so much. I’m disgusted with the amount of people that are supporting and belittling the bombardment. and seriously, what do you expect from corporate media?

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The haresfoot mushroom cap 


actual queen alb calling out bullshit once again

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Another girl being pretty does not make me ugly,

Another girl being smart does not mean I’m not smart.

Another girl being liked does not mean I am unliked.

I am perfect and incredible just the way I am, and any other girl is perfect and incredible just the way she is.

Girl competition needs to stop, and self love needs to start.

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"The real me is inside here somewhere just waiting to get out and you can make that happen and once the curse is broken I’ll be just like anybody else." "What if the curse doesn’t get broken? What if the curse can never be broken?"

one of my favorites. the ending is so perfect that i cry every time i watch it. i want to be kissed like this one day :)

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By far the stupidest criticism of the new Thor is ‘no where in Norse mythology is Thor a woman, stop messing with mythology.’

Right, because Norse mythology is just fucking filled with stories about Thor hanging out with Iron Man and Captain America at the Avengers Tower.

I’ve heard every excuse in the book and OMG all of the arguments are just weak dudebros.

Excuse me while i except none of this nonsense and begin reading my new Batman: Hush.

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“Women who are fat are said to have ‘let themselves go.’ The very phrase connotes a loosening of restraints. Women in our society are bound. In generations past, the constriction was accomplished by corsets and girdles…. Women today are bound by fears, by oppression, and by stereotypes that depict large women as ungainly, unfeminine, and unworthy of appreciation…. Above all, women must control themselves, must be careful, for to relax might lead to the worst possible consequence: being fat.”
— “Letting Ourselves Go: Making Room for the Fat Body in Feminist Scholarship,” by Cecilia Hartley  (via albinwonderland)

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